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We've rounded up industry news and essential information on compliance certification, automation security and industrial data solutions. From the basics of CE marking to understanding how industrial data solutions can help you achieve your production goals, you can stay up-to-date with the latest developments and changes in the industry here. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the world of certification, check out our articles for a comprehensive understanding of industry trends.


The Importance of Industrial IoT Data Analytics

Today, manufacturing plants are equipped with numerous sensors, actuators, and interconnected devices collectively known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). These smart technologies generate a wealth of data at every stage of the manufacturing process, paving the way for a new era of data-driven manufacturing.

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Risk assessment according to ISO 12100:2010

The risk assessment is determined in accordance with the European Machinery Directive. The directive stipulates that the manufacturer of machines used in Europe must carry out a risk assessment before placing the machine on the market (ie its actual sale).
The term "Risk Assessment" is often used for a document that documents the Risk in writing

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Compliance with EU machinery directives

Machines play a vital role both in the engineering industry and in our daily lives. A machine is primarily defined as a set of parts that perform their intended function with a drive system where no human effort is directly applied.
The Machinery Directive itself (hereinafter MD) refers to

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What is CE marking?

CE marking is mandatory for products manufactured both in Latvia and abroad in order to be allowed to sell them in the European Union.
The label indicates that the manufacturer has assessed the product and found it to be compliant with EU requirements in the field of safety, health and environmental protection.
To get "CE"

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ISO 13849-1 standard for automation systems

The ISO 13849-1 standard describes safe and proven design solutions for control system safety functions. The recommendations specified in ISO 13849-1 can be considered as minimum requirements for the development of control system safety units, so that the equipment can be marked with the "CE" mark. ISO 13849-1 is described and

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